eTextiles How-To guide by Lynne Bruning

As technologist you may know little about thread, sewing and fabric cutting but you want to use your technical knowledge to explore the  eTextile world.

As fashion designer and needle craft enthusiast you know everything about fabrics and sewing until you encounter ‘short circuits’, malfunctioning in your eTextile project.

Fret no more – Lynne Bruning is saving your day with her fabulous How-To eTextile video series.

Currently the How-To eTextiles series contains 17 episodes explaining very basic steps such as threading a needle or making a running stitch, selecting fabrics and much more.

Although some of the topics seem to be very basic I suggest everyone not familiar with materials such as electrically conductive thread and conductive fabric has a look at the videos. There are certain things one need to consider when electrifying fabrics without creating a short circuit when thread ends or cut off fibers are spread all over the fabric containing conductive sewing lines.

Working on the electrification of textiles requires skills people familiar with textile work or people coming from the electronic world need to understand to avoid a long and frustrating debugging time in eTextile projects.

Lynne’s How-To eTextile series explains straight to the point the small but important differences between common fabric crafting and conductive fabric crafting. Small differences that can have a big impact when electrifying textiles.

Click over to Lynne’s YouTube playlist ‘eTextile Lounge: How-To

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  1. “eTextiles How-To guide by Lynne Bruning – eTextile, Lynne’s, YouTube, ‘eTextile, How-To’, Although, Bruning, Currently, eTextiles, Working – talk2myShirt” ended up being in fact entertaining and beneficial! In the present day world honestly, that is very hard to deliver. Regards, Quyen

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