DIY – Night Biking Gloves

To increase bikers visibility during evening and night time is attracting highly creative people among the wearable tech community since Leah Buechley published her Turn-Signal-Jacket design which ignited the imagination of wearable tech enthusiasts to come up with creative, fun and highly useful designs.

This week’s eTextile DIY introduction is an amazing design that shines not only as turn signal indicator but as example how simplicity mixed with a generous portion of creativity produces a design that almost takes your breath away.

The ‘Early Winter Night Biking Gloves‘ designed by Irene Posch has minimal material requirements, a pair of your favorite gloves, five LEDs for each glove, conductive thread and a coin cell battery with holder – that’s it. Not even a switch.

Because the switch is formed with conductive thread. One side of the switch is stitched in the balm area of the glove and the other part in the finger tips. Make a fist, the finger tips will touch the balm and the switch closes, turning on the LEDs arranged to form an arrow pointer. You are set to turn around the corner safely and visibly.

Brilliant – easy to make, simple to use.

Living in an area where day and night last almost exact 12 hours year round, biking after sunset is the norm. I have a number of biker friends wearing gloves – a different type of gloves, but I can see this design could work from them as good as for early winter nights.

[via FashioningTech]

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