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Back in 2009 talk2myShirt introduced a illuminated bag concept design, the ledBAG from Polish designer Maria Roza Szczepanska. At that time I did not anticipate this cool design concept would grow to a commercialized product any time soon, but I have been proved wrong this time.

Roza’s ledBAG made it from the drawing board all the way into retail. Hedoco, a newly founded brand owned by Modern Arts Management Ltd., which offers unique, high-quality products designed by young Polish artists and designers.

The Hedoco business model is as unique and innovative as the ledBAG itself: Users can buy products in our online shop or make them themselves, for their own use. To do it, they just need to click to the “do it yourself” section of the site and download the projects or technological specifications free of charge – says Piotr Grabowski, President of Modern Arts Management and Hedoco brand co-founder.

Each ledBAG comes with an in-built LED light system. The bag is illuminated both from the inside and outside. This means you will never again have to worry about finding the necessities your handbag carries, while the outside LEDs will allow you to find your way in the dark, easily slide keys into locks or pick up the car keys you dropped.

The open licenses philosophy of Hedoco and the ledBAG’s well-thought-out modular structure  represent a fully ‘hackable’ bag where users can alter its functionality in any imaginable way.

For example, inserting an Arduino board into the bag could make it light up through the use of a movement detector or the sound of a ringing cellphone – Aleksander Janas, responsible for design at Hedoco points out, encouraging hacking of his products unlike other ‘big’ brands that love to build thick and high walls around their products and sue hackers.

I loved the ledBAG when I saw it first, the simple yet sophisticated design and functionality combining the retro computer classic ‘Space Invader’ theme with cutting edge wearable tech design.

The Hedoco shop opened earlier this month, offering first products under the ‘Buy It or DIY’ business model. Among these products is the ledBAG which goes for US$ 517.- or click the DIY button, sign up – it’s very simple and fast – and get the recipe, drawings and parts list for a happy DIY eTextile session on your own.

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