The eTextile Lounge at the Maker Faire

One more thing …. Miss eTextile Lynne Bruning invites makers of wearable computing, soft circuits, eTextiles and paper computing to join the eTextile Lounge to share projects, present lectures and host workshops to her eTextile Lounge at the Maker Faire Bay Area 2012 this May 19th and 20th.

For readers not familiar with the eTextile Lounge, the eTexitle Lounge, invented, produced and hosted by Lynne is a global, interactive eTextile event organized on a weekly basis in the Cyberspace.

There is no fee to have your booth in the eTextile Lounge as long as you are not selling anything but if you want to sell your eTextile creations there is an option to register and pay applicable Maker Faire fees.

Full details and application forms can be found on the Maker Faire Bay Area 2012 – eTextile Lounge webpage.

Lynne will host the eTextile Lounge at the Maker Faire together with Ally Seeley, eTextile enthusiast and maker herself, aiming to push the boundaries of fabric and interactivity.

eTextile activities and show cases will be in a village like stetting, providing a intimidate and accessible atmosphere for presenters and visitors alike to interact, to exchange ideas and to make new connections.

I want so badly to be there but my agenda stares at me right now with a big NO penciled over that two days in May.

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