The Intersection of Fashion and Technology

 SFFT – short for SF Fashion+Tech is a newly formed organization with the aim to promote and support start-up activities at the intersection of fashion and technology in the SF Bay Area.

While research and development of wearable technologies has gathered momentum thanks to the appealing interest, very promising outlook of wearable tech and last but not least the work of many eTextiles enthusiasts round the globe, moving wearable tech into the consumer space, the commercialization is a rather uncharted territory for now.

Being myself involved in the commercialization of wearable tech, working out volume production techniques to turn appealing, eye-catching demonstrator designs into products fit for the rough world of consumer hands requires the same level of cooperation and collaboration as we see taking place during the conceptual design phase.

To nurture and develop such collaboration SFFT is setting up a platform such as monthly events around topics relating to fashion and technology including workshops, speaker events, demo days, mixers, hackathons, and conferences.

A bi-weekly newsletter highlighting innovative technologies, start-ups, and approaches about wearable tech serves as medium to reach beyond the SF Bay area.

SFFT was co-founded by Mika Uehara and Charles Belle, both having a rich background in fashion and technology, new media and entrepreneurship.

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