Zegna high-tech fashion: Freeway Jacket with sparkle

Zegna_Freeway_Jacke.jpg Ermenegildo Zegna, the Italian menswear fashion house known for it’s Sports collection which fuses sport inspired design with urban style and technological innovations is expanding their Technology Style range with the ‘Freeway Jacket‘.

The ‘Freeway Jacket’ is designed to improve safety in urban outdoor travel situations. Integrated into the collar is an LED light safety system for maximum night time visibility. Made of a water repellent fabric, with a breathable finishing process which guarantees water protection, it keeps body temperature constant while allowing perspiration to escape.

Zegna is fusing style, wear comfort and technology like no other fashion company. Provocative, not necessarily ‘practical‘ yet the ergonomic contour with leather detailing and neoprene stretch inserts for maximum wear comfort gives the ‘Freeway Jacket’ the unique, dynamic urban speedster style.

The wearable technology integration partner is InteractiveWear which offers technology integration services to the garment industry and has collaborated with Zegna for this seasons Solar JKT Jacket.

The ‘Freeway Jacket’ will be part of the Spring/Summer 2009 collection. We will inform you about the launch as soon as the Freeway Jacket will hit the (dark) streets.

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