Wearable Tech for Cyclists

Since the day Leah Buechley unveiled the Turn Signal Jacket many wearable tech enthusiasts using Leah’s concept as inspirational springboard, adding their own creativity and create safety enhancing features for cyclists.

Don’t Break My Heart is a really cool version of a safety feature for cyclists. The heart shaped decal is designed as a self-contained unit so it can be moved from one to another shirt or jacket or a bag if you wish by fastening it with Velcro.

The decal has on board a LilyPad Arduino, RGB LED, proximity sensor and battery inside a small pocket.

A proximity sensor triggers the LED indicating to others with a green pulsating light a safe distance, switching to yellow when the distance becomes potentially unsafe and blinks furiously in red telling the person behind to back off.

Rainycat (obviously an artist name) the creator of ‘Don’t Break My Heart’ made this conceptual design at a Hondahack event in about 12 hours. Amazing work considering the short time to think about it and fabricate a fully working demo unit. Given more time to work on the aesthetics, ‘Don’t Break My Heart’ is a fabulous, interesting and expandable design concept.

[via Computational Textiles]

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