Summer fun with a BoomBag

BoomBag.jpgI am somewhat in the summer – sun – fun mood, dreaming from hanging around without particular purpose and enjoying the weather. Not yet though, still some weeks to go but I got something I might take with me for those days: a BoomBag.

Found them by ShinyShack, they look cute and are the least expensive speaker bags I have seen so far. Sure, I haven’t listen to the sound quality, I would not expect HiFi sound but then, for such a low price point it’s more the (summer) fun element, getting soft tunes from the little bag while hanging around lazy in the great and bright outdoors.

These brightly colored bags come in a tote style and a Walkman style, looking a bit retro and bring back memories how portable music player looked in the distant past.

The Walkman style has one and the tote style two speakers integrated. Unzip the bag and plug in any MP3 player into the audio plug inside and enjoy your music without the need of earplugs.

The speaker(s) use the power from the MP3 player so there are no extra batteries required. If you’re not in the mood for music, you’ve still got room in the bag to carry your bits and pieces in.

The tote style BommBag measures 30x15x10cm (11.8×5.9×3.9″) and is yours for £19.95 ($39.79), the Walkman BoomBag measures 15x11x5cm (5.9×4.3×2″) costing just £9.95 ($19.84). Both styles come in three colors and are available via

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  1. hello,
    would like to know if you have white bags currently available and what price would be with shipping and customs charges, as our mini-company is situated in Portugal.

    awaiting response as quickly as possible,
    WE GOT IT!

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