VEGA 2012 collection – the bright side of fashion

Almost exactly a year ago I had the pleasure to introduce you to the Vega One collection from Canadian clothing designer Angella Mackey.

Angella acquired a diverse background such as new media art, electronics, fashion and product design, elements that enable her to create aesthetically delighting, wearable technology enhanced fashion.

Her 2012/13 collection, succeeding the Vega One rain-coat and cape, expanded into a all-season line of garments ranging from coats, capes and smocks to comfortable neck-wear accessories.

Each style features the Vega illumination, a soft, bright light accent to add a sparkle to the outfit, a sparkle doubling as little safety feature in low light condition.

Vega, based in Gothenburg, Sweden is planning to expand the retail option beyond the online shop which carries the new collection and move into old fashion, brick and mortar shops around the globe.

Most styles are ready-to-wear, off the rack with the option of made-to-measure.

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