DIY high tech glove – Clove 2

Clove2.jpgHigh tech gloves do get a lot of attention lately as you might have seen on our blog. Each of those ideas address, or try to address, different aspects of our daily life to make our lives more convenient or improve the work environment.

Christopher Mitchell created the Clove 2 glove concept which is attacking text input on computers. Sure, sitting on a desk in front of a computer does not require a glove text input but for certain jobs like warehousing, such input device might be a great help.

The Clove 2 is a data glove for one-handed typing. The hand/finger gesture signals are transmitted to a computer which where a software is running interpreting the finger gestures into normal typing commands.

A 31-combination finger choding design with three modes allow every key on a standard keyboard to be typed with minimal effort. The Clove 2 system consists of three components, the glove itself, the bluetooth module, and a custom charger for the Bluetooth module.

Typing with this glove is not as complicated as it might sound: each finger movement or combination is a key stroke. And like typing on any regular keypad functions like ‘Alt’ or ‘Shift’ key can be made as well.

I guess some learn-in time will be required but after that, the typing will run smoothly.

If you want to give it a try and make your own Clove 2, Christopher has made one of the most extensive and detailed DIY instruction I have come across so far.

As required skills he states: Basic knowledge of sewing, soldering, and hot gluing, the ability to cut and sand plastic and basic knowledge of programming / scripting languages to modify the software. Sounds manageable for the wearable electronic enthusiasts.


Click over to his instruction to check out how the Clove 2 is made. There is also a video demonstrating the Clove 2 in action.

[via Hack a Day]


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