Xara iPlay iPod Warm-up Jacket

Xara_iPod_Jacket.jpgWant to carry your iPod in style and let your jacket take control over it? The Xara iPlay iPod Warm-up Jacket might be interesting for you.

As unique, sporty and fashionable as the iPlay iPod Warm-up Jacket is as unique is the company which produces this jacket.

Xara is a high quality soccer clothing brand in the US. Yes, the US, the worlds most unique soccer market which is according Xara’s Website ‘… quickly becoming a force in the global game, the strength of the market lies at the “Grass Roots” level. Only in the US does the sport draw its success from the equal participation of both boys and girls and only in America is the sport driven by clubs and teams at the youth level.

Out of this unique position Xara considers the needs of both men and women in their clothing designs which are carefully researched to meet the requirements on wear comfort on the soccer field.

The iPlay iPod Jacket is an excellent example of Xara’s design philosophy, beautiful looking on and off the soccer field. The iPlay iPod jacket includes a mini joystick control on the left sleeve as well as an internal zipper pocket for your iPod. A practical ear phone cord management in the jacket ensures no tangling wires during the warm up session while enjoying motivational tunes.


Compatible with all dock connector iPods starting from Gen 2 except the iPod touch and iPhone. The price we found for the iPlay iPod Jacket is very reasonable at $99.99 available in Women’s and Men’s fit.


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