DIY – Flexible Fabric Pressure Sensor

flexible_fabric_pressure_se.jpgInstructables member Plusea aka Hannah Perner-Wilson posted a new version of a DIY Flexible Fabric Pressure Sensor.

The detailed step-by-step instruction shows how to make a flexible fabric pressure sensor with simple materials. It mentions two different variations, depending on your needs either for stretchy or non-stretchy fabric.

The materials for the DIY sensor are basically cheap and off-the-shelf. A more sophisticated, full textile version can be created as well but the required conductive textile material is more difficult to obtain although, it’s not impossible. You will find all required information in the Instructables.

This self-made Flexible Fabric Pressure Sensor is incredible simple to build but is very effective when you want to make your outfit responding to different pressure levels on a certain part of the clothing or bag or stuffed toy or gaming vest – just to give you some examples. This sensor should be part of any wearable electronic DIY sewing box.

To see how the pressure sensor works check out the video clip below:

If you are looking for some inspiration on the use of a Flexible Fabric Pressure Sensor, check out Hannah Perner-Wilson and Mika Satomi work on Massage-me, Plusea and Kobakant.


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