Wireless PTT Glove

wireless_PTT_glove.jpgOskar Palinko, a grad student at the University of New Hampshire is working on an interesting project: a glove based input for in-car speech interface.

The wireless PTT (push-to-talk) glove has buttons inserted under the fingertips of the index finger and the thumb. These buttons activate when index finger and thumb are pressed together an RF remote controller which triggers the speech user interface to listen to speech commands.

This design could help the driver to voice-activated communication or other devices inside a car more easily than with common PTT button devices that are fixed to the crossbar of the steering wheel for example.

You don’t believe this? Take for example the situation in which driving in a sharp curve or during a maneuver that needs the steering wheel to be turned more than +/-90 degrees from its straight position. A fixed PTT device would end up in an odd position.

The basic idea of the PTT glove is to create a location/position independent PTT activation solution somewhere near a persons hands to enable instant activation. Sure, such PTT glove might not be for common, every day drivers like me but for professionals like police, emergency response teams or delivery personal the PTT glove might make their multitasking easier while driving to the next location.

You can check out the paper on the Wireless PTT Glove by following this link – PDF document!

This particular concept demonstrator glove will certainly not win the fashion award but I like the idea behind it which will trigger some creative minds to come up with more and different concepts that might be of perfect use for you and me like when snow boarding, skiing to stay in touch with the group. Some first examples have shown up already as you can see in our ‘Glove‘ category.

After all, Nike had some times ago explored the PTT concept in combination with cell phones and walkie-talkies on an ACG Jacket and Backpack for consumers.

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