Voltaic Generator selling now?

Voltaic_Generator_Bag.jpgThe much hyped Voltaic Generator Laptop bag, capable of delivering enough solar power to drive a laptop, seems to have a very slow start in hitting the stores.

It’s been a very long time now that we see the ‘Shipping Soon’ message on Voltaic’s Website and although solar cells do not need summer time to work, to use a solar bag during summertime has the advantage that daylight time is much longer than during wintertime.

After some ‘deep search’ on Google I have found one online store which does offer the Voltaic Generator Bag for $599.- It’s a bit steep for me at the moment but it looks goodcommonsense.net has the Generator available and ships ‘usually the next business day’.

If you have been waiting for the Generator bag sines it’s announcement last January during CES and you have some money reserved for environmental conscious, high tech products you can click over to goodcommonsense.net and order now.

Voltaic does not offer the Generator on their site yet stating: ‘… due to the switch of solar cell suppliers to get higher efficiency cells you’ll get faster charging times but have to wait a bit until it is ready‘.

Voltaic’s Generator Solar bag is one of the most environmental hugging laptop bags you could ever own. Next to the solar power capturing and storing in Voltaic’s own power pack, the bag is made from fabrics out of recycled PET (soda bottles).

The Generator comes, like all other Voltaic solar bags, with a range of standard adapters for common cell phones and other handheld devices. The Generator also includes common laptop adapters. Even without an adapter most devices with a standard car charger or USB charger can be charged.

The feature I most like is the indicator light inside the handle which shows when the panels are generating a charge. This let’s you easily adjust the position of the bag to the best light conditions whenever possible.

The Generator is measuring 17″x12″x3.5″ fitting an 17″ laptop next to your other daily, digital lifestyle devices.

Let’s cross our fingers to see the Generator become available in the fast charging version before all the days with lot of sunshine are getting shorter and darker.

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