‘Crafted’ iPod and iPhone Jacket by Republic

Crafted_iPod_Jacket.jpgUK high street retail chain Republic has released an iPod jacket in a cool looking Bomber jacket style constructed with metallic yarn to give it a unique crinkled appearance.

The iPod Bomber jacket is part of the Crafted branded collection by Republic and designed for the urban streetwear market. The iPod keypad controller is built into the sleeve with a dedicated iPod pocket located on the jackets inside.

The attention to detail and the deconstructed style gives this jacket an effortlessly stylish look.

The jacket uses Fibretronic‘s integrated audio control technology called ‘ConnectedWear‘, a modular wearable technology we should see more products coming up soon.

We got word from Fibretronic Watch out, if you have the iPod touch or iPhone, it will not work with the Crafted iPod Jacket works with all iPod models including the iPod touch and iPhones (see also details on Republic’s product page are not correct!). The Jacket is machine washable, non-waterproof parts can be detached before washing.

Republic is selling the Crafted iPod jacket for £54.99 ($109.40) in UK retail stores and online but unfortunately only delivers to UK addresses. If you have friends in UK and want to have this cool jacket you are safe, if no friends are on hand …. let’s hope Republic is shipping it soon also internationally.

I know, we are in the hot summer-sun season but fashion is always a few steps ahead and with the Crafted iPod Jacket in your wardrobe you are prepared for a great looking wearable electronic Autumn/Winter 2008 season 😉


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