Gesture Jam Glove for Musicians, DJs or the next generation Wii games

Gesture_Jam_Glove.jpgWe have covered gloves with light build into them, gloves that make your hand talk and gloves giving your hand eyes. The latest addition to our intelligent glove collection is the ‘Gesture Jam Glove‘, a creation of a team of design and research professionals at the University of Technology in Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

The Gesture Jam Glove is basically a type of a computer mouse or game controller but unlike those controllers, the Gesture Jam Glove can manipulate computer applications based on users hand gestures or ‘expressions’ as the creators of the glove call it.

Using hand gestures expressions, the glove can directly control any kind of expressive application or computer output such as sound, video and image. Multiple sensors located in the glove collect the required data being performed by the users hand. Via Bluetooth, the sensors data are send to a computer which translates the sensor information into useable parameters for applications like music manipulation, video or photo editing and of course could be used for computer games.

It is said some people talk more with their hands than with their mouth. For all those folks, the Gesture Jam Glove give them a musical dimension to their expressions.

Somehow related to the work from the team in Eindhoven is the Musical Glove, a prototype experiment from Luigi Pagliarini and Henrik Hautup Lund in 2002. Their Musical Glove was created during a Workshop on Artificial Life Models for Musical Applications: Search for Musical Creativity.

The Musical Glove project was on a ‘low budget’ experimental setup using the LEGO MINDSTORMS controller for the gesture capturing and data interpretation. More details can be found via this link: PDF document!

[Source: Technische Universiteit via Gizmo Watch]


  1. man….this is such a good idea.i really wish to extend my ideas on it .so could you kind enough to mail me the specifications,details and everything of the project as soon as possible…..thanx alot…do reply….plzzzzzzzz

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