Reconfigurable Soft Wall Lamp made from e-textiles

Soft_Wall_Lamp.jpgSoft Wall Lamp‘ is a unique e-textile concept created by Alex Kowal during the ‘Soft Circuits Workshop’, a class at NYU’s ITP program that was taught and developed by Kate Hartman.

Hartman shared her knowledge of making soft circuits in a 6 week long workshop between May and June. Her teaching and inspiration about soft circuits, made of flexible electronic components like conductive fabrics and conductive threads, leaded to some outstanding creations of which the Soft Wall Lamp is my personal favorite.

Alex Kowal mixed his interest in quilting with electronics to make a unique, modular lamp that looks like a wall curtain.

To create the Soft Wall Lamp, he laser cut conductive fabric to make beautiful, functional electronic leads for the in total 70 white surface mount LEDs. To connect the quilt panels physically and electrically, Kowal sewed metal snaps onto the corners of each panel to connect and supply power to the LEDs on the panel next to it.

With this modular design, panels can be removed or added which gives an ultimate customization in the most simplest from I have ever seen: just snap on or off panels as you like to create the size or pattern of your wall lamp/curtain.

The light intensity of the soft wall lamp/curtain is defined by adding or removing quilt panels; less quilts = less light and the other way around.


The Wall Lamp curtain from Alex Kowal is an amazing example of how e-textiles can combine function with soft objects in our home to reconfigurable, beautifully aesthetic objects. This is the ultimate modularity in textile form.

Check out Kowal’s project presentation in the slide show below:


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