Madonna wears a sparkling and twinkling Lucky Star cape on her Confession Tour

madonna_lucky_star_cape.jpgA fan of our blog and Madonna (Ras) pointed us to another ‘electrifying’ stage outfit.

Madonna wears during her ‘Lucky Star‘ song a cape that sparkles and twinkles when she opens it, giving the lyrics of ‘Lucky Star’ an additional, visual dimension.

‘Lucky Star’ was Madonna’s first song she wrote as a signed artist, a simple but catchy love song, released in 1984 but still as hot as it was over twenty years ago.

Madonna is not the only one using e-textile technology to spice up her stage show as we have seen OK Go and Kanye West using light radiating jackets for visualization of their lyrics on stage.

Light effects play a major part in every stage performance creating, we could almost say manipulating, the atmosphere of any show. Using light emitting clothing and shoes give an magical touch to these light effects.

e-Textiles and other wearable technologies find in stage and performance wear the ideal place to experiment and explore the power of those technologies that will one day become available for our own outfit. It’s only a matter of time to see successful on stage e-Fashion in the wardrobes of many fans and admires.

In the meantime you can check out the video showing the part where Madonna unleashes the sparkling and twinkling Lucky Stars in her cape:

You must be my lucky star
‘Cause you shine on me wherever you are
I just think of you and I start to glow
And I need your light
And baby you know …..


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