The cool side of RFID tagged apparel

A while ago RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) tagging of apparel has been a literally hot item which soon cooled down rapidly.

RFID tagging of apparel using woven or embroidered RFID antenna typically on labels of apparel would allow a wireless logistic control from production floor to inventory control at the shops.

The potential risk of seamless (= hidden) integration of RFID label into our clothing could come from the dark forces using it to track every movement of every smart clothing wearer across the world – at least in theory. This reason set a huge roadblock to a FRID enabled apparel future.

It’s a little sad that such – theoretical – misuse of an otherwise useful function is stopping development at an early stage. I am using a knife to cut my steak on the plate but – theoretically – I could kill someone with that knife as well. I guess you get the point.

How cool the use of RFID tagging for apparel could be is demonstrated by Gomus, a Brazilian Sound Branding agency which links the clothing purchase experience with music experience inside a fitting room.

The RFID tagged apparel once brought into the fitting room will activate an associated background music depending on the apparels nature and style.

Yeah, this is not ricochet scion from technology point of view but a very cool concept, much better than to have the monotone, standard sound servings in most shops.

Maybe using FRID enhanced clothing could be used to open doors for me, to get the barrister get’s started preparing my regular coffee refill as soon as I enter to coffee shop. Oh there would be lot’s of nice little conveniences attached to a simple RFID enabled, branded T-Shirt from hospitality to entertainment business.

Maybe RFID tagging in apparel is not such a evil idea after all.

[via: PSFK]

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  1. I think RFID tags are great gadgets, and they don’t require power until they are picked up by scanners and then induce power (or something like that) so in theory they could last for ages in clothes. The applications are fantastic, but why isn’t this being developed? As if the government hasn’t already got enough tabs on us, mobile phones, ip-addresses on our pc’s etc. I think its cool and the future of e-textiles.

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