DIY wearable electronic – LED Pants

LED_pants.jpgA wearable electronic DIY guide from Instructables user Louise Johnson demonstrates how to make LED-Pants that have a row of LEDs on the side of the pants legs. I guess such type of e-textile upgrade of regular pants is for stage performances or hot parties. Whatever the motivation of Louise was, his instructions are very detailed and fairly easy to follow.

What makes the DIY – LED Pants project interesting is not so much the technology or e-textile materials used but the conceptual way the LED strip is made: a row of LEDs are connected to an electronic structure which is then sandwiched between two layers of fabric.

This allows a neat and clean seal of the more sensitive electronics. The backside of the LED strip has Velcro sewn on it with the counter part of the Velcro on the trouser. The use of Velcro allows easy removal of the LED strip when cleaning the pants. The modular design with Velcro as attachment allows the LED strip to be used also on other clothing items or bags if the are designed with matching Velcro attachment points.

I love the simplicity of the modular design with Velcro attachment. This system can be used with many different, self contained e-textile functions where easy attachment or removal is wanted either for cleaning purpose or to reuse the wearable electronic module on different outfits or bags.


Imagine to make your own wardrobe which is wearable electronic ready designed. A simple idea with a lot of possibilities.

[Instructables via Daily DIY]

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