Staying connected over distance with Lullaby

The growing number of Global Citizen, people who’s place of residents and interest is spread all over the globe face the problem of how to stay connected, to stay in touch with their family.

Traveling around is cool but can be also cold at times when not being able to get the all important personal touch from love ones.

The Hug-Shirt was one of the first wearable technology based designs that explored the possibilities of exchanging a personal touch over long distances. Following designs used a pillow showing another from factor to exchange intimidate, hugging and caring messages around the globe.

A unique design variant with huge potential, technically and commercially, for a long-distant cuddle concept using soft technology has been created by a team of students at the University of Venice, Alberto Elizondo, Francesca Pizzutilo and Roberto Picerno created the ‘Lullaby‘, a quilt equipped with illuminated patches and wireless communication.

How it works: Gestures and touches on one quilt will be transmitted and reproduced on the other quilt which basically could be anywhere around the globe, using the internet and WiFi as link between the two quilts. I can imagine an App for smartphones acting as access point for the Lullaby quilts to establish a 2-way communication.

There is nothing in this world that can replace a stroke down the back or a hug but when this is not an option, long-distance intimacy via Lullaby and similar design concepts should become reality – a growing number of global citizen would love to have them.

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