Fibretronic launched a new soft keypad

Fibretronic_FTXS_keypad.jpgThe choice for interactive apparel manufacturer is expanding with Fibretronic‘s new control interface the FTXS series for wearable electronic products like clothing and soft goods.

The new keypad technology is an extra soft version of Fibretronic’s silicone keypad for wearable audio, mobile phone and communication product controls.

The keypad uses Fibretronic’s patented ‘double-bridge’ contact switch technology and is constructed of soft, lightweight polymer materials and fabrics allowing a seamless integration into textile based products.

We are delighted to add this new keypad technology to our growing portfolio of keypad and joystick control technologies’ said Steve Leftly, CEO of Fibretronic Limited. ‘This new keypad style will allow us to offer our customers an even wider choice of integrated wearable controls, specifically suited to their end product’.

The new FTXS keypad is a plug-and-play product compatible with all of Fibretronic’s range of CONNECTED-wear branded interface modules including those for iPod control, wireless iPod control, iPod/Bluetooth control, and MP3 volume control modules.

Fibretronic soft keypads can be found in a wide range of Jackets, bags and gloves to control personal electronic devices while leaving those precious gadgets safely stored in the bag or jacket pockets. A wise and convenient solution when outdoors in harsh environments. This new keypad is giving more choices to apparel and bag designer when creating the next range of Interactive clothing.

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  1. Hey, i just bought this jacket named fibretronic and idk what it dose and how much it orignaly costs

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