Stock Market Lingerie

Stock Markets are in the spotlight today more than usual so I thought to look for something fitting to all the Stock Market talk but of course with a wearable technology touch.

To my surprise and thanks to a fabulous wearable tech project from emerging artist Erin Lewis, currently studying Integrated Media and Wearable Technology at OCAD University, the ‘Stock Market Lingerie‘ is the perfect match.

Erin’s motivation for this project comes from the relationship between sex and the stock market (money).

Her research uncovered the ‘hormonal changes in men who play the stock market‘ such as elevated testosterone levels when placing successfully big profit deals which in turn leads to even more higher risk taking behavior until disaster strikes ( the last few words are mine).

Surprisingly or not – women love such behavior and are more attracted to these big ticket players. Before going too deep into social behaviors I refer you to Erin’s project blog for further reading.

At this space we have a deeper look into the functionality of the ‘Stock Market Lingerie’ which is powered by a LilyPad Arduino and 2 Xbee radios.

As the man undresses the woman, the undoing of each clasp of the bustier triggers a web-based update on the latest stock market trades via Yahoo! Finance.

Oh well – one has to be a banker to get turned on by stock quotes in this way but besides that – I like the idea of combining so very much (or not) different parts of our life in a very personal, wearable tech enabled clothing item.

In it’s current design the ‘Stock Market Lingerie’ is communicating with the computer to make the visual update of stock movements but she imagines a upgrade of the ‘Stock Market Lingerie’ to give it a voice, to read out the stock quotes each time another clasp is unhooked.

I hope this article and the work of Erin Lewis can inspire and cheer you up a bit, technologically.


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