Take That – video jacket by Moritz Waldemeyer

Besides having cool songs what do have Take That, Will.I.AM, Rhianna, Bono and OK-Go in common? Their light fashion designer Moritz Waldemeyer.

Moritz Waldemeyer started to electrify and illuminate the fashion world by cooperating with Fashion design icon Hussein Chalayan back in 2006/07 with the Robotic Dress which was followed by a LED and laser light elements as part of the Haute Couture collection of Hussein Chalayan.

Based on the experience acquired during this cooperation Mortiz explored the show biz, lighting up performers on stage, integrating light show elements into a performers outfit by merging the on stage light show with the artist.

The latest video jacket designs for Take-That and Will.I.AM from Black Eyed Peas feature Mortiz’s in-house developed wearable LED video system, specially designed LED modules that are capable of displaying animations at video speed from a built in SD card in the Will.I.AM jacket or even a miniature video player in the jacket for Take That.

Dynamically changing light pattern on clothing is a fascinating, eye catching fashion design element that never fails to amaze people around.

Logically the entertainment industry is being at the forefront when it comes to utilize wearable light in it’s fullest and at the same time making the fans carving for owning such cool outfit.

Moving textile illumination from the stage into the mainstream wardrobe is the next big step for the wearable technology community. But this next big step might happen sooner than we think as history has shown many times before, the restless and creative mind of human beings always find a way to make the impossible happen.

Imagine the visual effect when people in the audience wear sound reactive outfit (see our blog post from yesterday) that interacts with the performer and the light show on stage – a new dimension of interaction of artists with their fan community.

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