Hot Solar Totes from Noon

Noon_Solar_Tote_Cortland.jpgThe hottest Solar bags on the planet come from Noon Solar. Bold statement but proven to be true with their latest solar bag models: the brand new Oakley Solar Tote and the 2008 Cortland Solar Tote model.

Excellent news also for everyone who waited for an online shop to get the hands into one of those gorgeous looking eco-fashion bags: Pivot Boutique which opened in September 2007 in Chicago, a boutique devoted to eco-fashion has now it’s online presents and offers the whole range of Noon Solar bags, shipping them around the world.

Noon’s handbags are the smartest and best looking solar bags we have ever seen, charging all the our little gadgets while enjoying the summer sun.

The ‘eco’ of Noon’s bags does not stop with the solar panel. The bag’s exterior is made of chrome-free, naturally dyed and tanned leather.

The Cortland goes for $420.00 and measures 16″ x 13″ x 4”. The roomier Oakley goes for $390.00 (red model) and $378.00 (brown model) measuring 16″ x 14″ x 6″.

The price includes high quality components starting with the flexible solar panel, charging cable, the power bank with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack, a wall charging adapter for rainy days, 4 USB phone tips and a USB cable to iPod cable.


Noon Solar’s complete 2008 collection offers plenty of fashionable choices to go ‘eco’ and power grid independent.

Check out the complete Noon Solar collection and let the sun-power be with you.

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