ProtoSnap – LilyPad E-Sewing Kit

Sparkfun is continuously expanding their eTextile portfolio to the delight of many eTextile sewing, stitching, knitting, weaving  and soldering fashion hackers.

The latest addition is the ProtoSnap LilyPad E-Sewing Kit, a card that contains a LilyPad Coin cell Battery holder, one LilyPad Button and LilyPad Slide Switch and five white LilyPad LEDs. To round up this kit, a needle set and a 30′ Bobbin of conductive thread comes together with this Kit card.

What is so incredibly fantastic on the ProtoSnap is: it serves as quick prototype board. All components are connected on this breakout board.

Once the functionality is established for your next great eTextile project and everything works as you have imagined it’s time to break out all the components and sew them into place on your garment.

The ProtoSnap Kit is targeted towards beginners in eTextile or electronics in general, demonstrating in a visual way the functionality and the flow of electricity which is nicely market on the ProtoSnap board.

A very cool idea for a hot summer time fashion hacking.

For your reference – here is the link to all the eTextiles goodies by Sparfun.

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