The Printing Dress – Wearable technology by Microsoft

Considering the high attention wearable technology attracts lately it is not surprising that big and mighty companies like Microsoft, and I am sure other companies in the same league, are busy to explore the possibilities and opportunities of wearable technology.

Jennifer Darmour at managed to have a sneak-peek at the Microsoft  Research Center and talk with Asta Rosweay, Senior Research Designer and User Experience Designer Sheridan Martin Small who created The Printing Dress, a highly interesting concept design that connects the distant past of communication with the present from of tweeting communicating.

A brief description of ‘The Printing Dress': in the distant past, besides verbal communication, the printed word on paper played an essential part in the development of our civilization.

Fast forward into the 21st Century, printed words on paper are almost completely replaced by dots on a screen, the words and communication compressed into 160 characters strings and tweeted across the globe.

Asta Roseway and her team’s aimed to design a dress to visualized with the use of wearable technology developments the old-meets-new and how this could possibly influences the future of fashion.

The result is a dress made almost entirely of paper, symbolizing the past and connects with todays (wearable) technology and communication forms like tweets. ‘The Printing Dress’ visualizes the constant flow of our always-online, continuous stream of messages.

The laser-cut buttons remind me very much on the keyboard of (very) old type writers. A sweet-romantic touch to a high-tech garment.

See and hear in the video below what Jennifer could find out at the Microsoft Research Center about’ The Printing Dress’

Electricfoxy talks with Asta Roseway at Microsoft Research from Electricfoxy on Vimeo.

Can you wear ‘The Printing Dress’ – most likely not. Will we see this in next spring/summer collection – I am sure not. ‘The Printing Dress’ is an artistic work that stretches and challenges our conventional way of thinking. And because of such artistic creativity there has always been progress for the every-day-life.

[via: electricfoxy]


  1. It is looking great. Good work microsoft have done. I liked this idea very much and thanks for using these inspiring words on the dress.

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