Haute Tech from Di Mainstone – ShareWear

ShareWear.jpg Di Mainstone one of the most creative artist/designer of Haute Tech Fashion and currently artist-in-residence at V2 in Rotterdam added a new model to her animated fashion collection: ShareWear, a collaboration of Di Mainstone and a team at V2 Institute for the Unstable Media.

Fusing clothing, fashion and function in the ‘zeitgeist’ of shareware, her latest Haute Tech creation ‘ShareWear’ is an inspirational example of dresses which activate integrated light when slotted together.

The ShareWear dresses are constructed from interlocking slats of high-density foam and incorporate especially designed wooden elements used functionally as a means of support or connection.

The garments are united via magnetic elements which are used to trigger pools of light once the wearer make contact. The effect of the lights is to cast shadows adding mystical elements to the dresses and the connection of the wearer. The light sources are hidden in a hovering hat and a compartment in the skirt of the dress, which can be lengthened or shortened by pulling a lever.

The ShareWear dresses use style elements of modernist furniture design and architectural structures communicating the comfortability of the home environment and the reconfigurability of the dresses structures depending on the actual situation in our social interactions.

Di Mainstone’s ShareWear dress design are creation for stage wear to add a new dimension to the interaction of performers and the audience but this concepts could very well add new dimensions to ‘ready-to-wear’ clothing in one or the other form taking the ‘shareware’ principle to ShareWear into our real, physical world.

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