Intelligent Bag – Deja Vu

Deja Vu comes from French and means ‘already seen’ (that). This interesting project title has been selected by MIT students Heidi Chen and Nicole Tariverdian for their intelligent bag, the ‘Deja Vu‘.

‘Already seen’ is applied to the situation at which their Deja Vu bag saves the peace of mind of people constantly either forgetting or having the fear to forget keys and other items  left behind when leaving the home, car, office …

‘Already seen’ also applies to the concept itself, such kind of intelligent, reminding bag concept designs have been around for a while, unfortunately not one of them made it into retail.

To compensate for the forgetfulness of the bags owner, RFID scanning and LilyPad processing helps to keep track of the stuff inside the Deja Vu bag.

Each time a (FRID) tagged item goes into or out of the bag, the movement is registered. Up to 5 items can be managed from the Deja Vu bag. The status of items inside the bag can be quickly checked with a squeeze of a soft button – checked-in items are visualized by lighting up a corresponding LED.

Instead of rummaging through the bag to check if this and that is there a simple button press indicates how many items are on board bag – cool.

Click over to check it out, to get inspired and it shouldn’t be a big deal to upgrade your favorite bag with some intelligence to give you pace of mind about misplaced stuff.

Although the girls fabricated a lady bag I can very well imagine to have such smart assistant in boys bags because boys are as forgetful as girls when it comes to the small but essential stuff in a bag.

[via: FashioningTech]


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