Daft Punk with Enlightened Robot suits

EL_wire_jacket.jpg Enlighted, the company that lights up many clothing items posted a DIY instruction showing how you can enlighten your clothing as well.

A red robot suit made by Enlighted for Daft Punk’s Alive 2007 tour attracted a huge interest from Draft Punk fans and others who have seen the Alive show. This interest motivated Enlighten to publish a DIY instruction showing how anyone interested into creating the next ‘out-of-this-world’ stage or party outfit.

Enlighted uses for their light designs EL wires that can be formed in almost any shape and is available in many colors.

The process of integrating light elements into clothing is rather labor-intensive but with a bit of sweat and by following this Instructables you will soon be able to create your fantasy stage or party outfit.

The instructions are fairly general but providing a very good insight into how EL-wire work and where to get them for your project. A very detailed overview how to integrate EL wires into clothing, hats, shoes – anything you can wear completes the DIY instruction.

A long list of possible designs, I guess all the samples on the Instructables site come from their workshop, serve as a valuable resource for inspiration for your own design.

As this instruction comes from professionals you will find many tips on how to select the fabrics, clothing items and EL wires to achieve an optimum on integration. Ideas on how to improve the durability of garments and getting the longest possible life help to understand the use of EL wires in clothing.

Check out the video below showing the part of Draft Punk’s red light robot outfit during their Alive 2007 show

Light adds magic to clothing and Draft Punk is using it at its fullest. Get fun and some magic into your outfit by adding color to your party life 😉


  1. Did someone open a window? I think I feel a breeze coming in. Oh, wait! It’s just Draft Punk.
    Seriously. Spell check.
    Wait, did that guy just say Duft Punk?
    *DEEP SIGH* You all fail.
    Back on topic, cool suits. Definitely rave material. Daft Punk fo’ life!

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