Cyclists discover the Turn-Signal-Jacket

Most of the time talk2myShirt reports about eTextile developments and experiments carried out by creative minds around the globe. Usually these news originate from the experts, from people who invent and experiment.

Today’s article is about a group of girls, The ‘Bird Wheel‘ with a passion for cycling ranging from building world class custom frames, advocating public policy that makes cycling safer for everyone and a good deal of talk goes into finding cool cycling shops and fashionable cycling apparel.

It seems the ‘cycling safer for everyone’ part inspired the Bird Wheel girls tho picked up the Turn-Signal-Biking-Jacket design from Leah Buechley – one of the best and it seems very useful experimental designs with eTextiles – and made their own version for safer cycling.

How refreshing to see people making use of wearable technology not just out of pure scientific interest or technological geekiness but driven by a practical need that comes from another passion – in this case from cyclists at heart.

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