Fashionable Solar Handbag by Diffus

Let’s start this week energetic with another story on wearable (solar) power after pointing to the latest high-tech research at MIT in the wearable solar power field last Friday and the amazing Diode-solar-cell by Meg Grant.

Diffus, a Danish design company who’s work connects culture, aesthetic and technology has designed a gorgeous looking Solar Handbag.

The eye-catching look of this solar bag design comes from the unique design approach by Diffus: instead of trying to integrate one of the ‘standard’ flexible displays into a bag and design around it, Diffus designs the bags’ by blending the technology into the style, making technology part of the design aesthetic.

The solar panel is broken into 100 single cells called ‘solar sequins‘, to create a large area to capture sun light around the bag.

From technological view, splitting up a conform, large area into smaller units increases the probability that some of the 100 cells will almost always have the optimum sunlight capturing position, increasing the overall efficiency of the solar handbag.

The total output capability for this Solar Handbag is rated by Diffus at 2 Watt, plenty of electrical power sucked out of the sun on-the-go and stored in a battery for use whenever needed. Another nice feature of this bag design – illumination inside the bag at night powered by the suns’ energy at day.

Optical fibers integrated into the inner lining act as search light for all the little stuff that is loosely floating around inside a handbag.

A unique approach I really love, using (wearable) technology as aesthetic design element instead of (trying) to hide it which often compromises aesthetic a lot.

My only hope is that Diffus can attract attention from brands to carry this gorgeous design into a commercialized product. I don’t expect that to be cheap but Fendi, Prada and Co. are famous for style at an elevated price point.

[via: Fashioning Technology]

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