DIY – textile solar panel

Connecting to yesterdays solar power related article, the summer sun mood many people enjoying right now and the eTextile treasure chest from Meg Grant adds up to an amazing DIY solar cell technique I was really astound when seeing it the first time.

Solar power to electricity conversion with the use of naked diodes. Yeah – all those little black buggers lying around, tossed off the work bench into the trash bin – these little guys are able to transform solar energy into electricity as soon as they are stripped down their plastic encasing.

Meg picked up this know-how from The Naked Scientists which have a step-by-step instruction posted on their site along with a video clip.

Actually simple to do once you know that naked diodes can be used as solar energy harvester. Meg beautified the naked diodes and created an almost 100% textile solar panel, the Wearable Solar Energy – amazing.

Oh I know what you might say/think now – the Diode solar panel can only generate a small amount of voltage and milliamps but seeing the tiny amount of solar to electricity energy researcher can achieve with a paper or plastic sheet – Meg’s Diode solar panel can easily compete with that.

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