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littleBits.jpg littleBits is an amazing concept of electronic modules enabling people with little electronic knowledge to create complex electronic systems.

The littleBits concept is a library of discrete electronic components pre-assembled in tiny circuit boards. Different electronic functions like switches, power modules, USB connector, sensors, LEDs are designed as small as possible to allow easy integration into garments or bags.

What fascinates me most on the littleBits is the way they can be connected: via magnets! The magnet connection does not only make the joining of the tiny modules very simple it has another HUGE benefit: the polarity of magnets (north and south) is used to connect the modules in the correct polarity for the electronic circuit ‘automatically’. Amazing – it does not get any simpler for none electronic people to build a electronic system.

The innovative force behind the littleBits is Ayah Bdeirand who designed this amazing concept in collaboration with Jeff Hoefs. The littleBits project is sponsored by Smart Design and in collaboration with Eyebeam.

Ayah Bdeir is a media artist, technologist, designer and activist who graduated from the MIT Media Lab with a Masters of Media Arts and Sciences.

She currently lives and works in New York as a researcher and fellow at the Eyebeam center for art and technology where she was part in the recent Walkway Show, a shoe hacking event helping them to upgrade their platforms.

Jeff Hoefs is a NYC based interaction designer and new media artist who enjoys designing user interfaces and experience prototypes for consumer products.

The littleBits project is at the early stage of design but once the first modules become available they will be a powerful prototyping tool in the hands of artists, makers and designers.

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Check out this video to see how the littleBits work and you will share my amazement about this extraordinary idea of enabling none electronic experts to create complex electronic in such a simple way.

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