Walking on light – Miloni glow sneakers

BS_Glow_sneaker.jpgWalking on light is getting very popular as yet another of our glow sneaker discoveries, the Miloni glow sneaker offered by Brooklyn based BS-Glow, highlights.

These exclusive sneakers look just great. The whole middle sole is illuminated giving you the feeling of walking on light.

The light can be switched on and off with two illumination effects possible: constantly on or in blinking mode, depending on how much attraction to want/need.

The illumination technology is powered by one AAA battery for each shoe stored in the inner sole and will allow the light to last for a long time – sorry I couldn’t find any specifics on actual hours just this statement from BS-Glow.

The Miloni sneaker come in an exquisite looking packaging that underlines the high quality the Miloni sneaker represent.

Being around since 2006, the Miloni sneaker have a dedicated follower ship mostly in the rapper scene where hip, funky, uber-cool gear is part of the culture.


Available in white for $339.95 and black for $349.99

BS-Glow’s Miloni are certainly the eye catching, ‘must show up with’ sneaker in the scene.

Walking on light seems to attract many people judging on the diverse range of products actually on the market, the range of glow shoe concepts that have been created and the enthusiasms many of the DIY folks show in upgrading their shoes with light effects.


  1. woa!!!! this is a really, really cool and hi-tech sneakers. i don’t mind wearing one like this…. good one!

    how are you now fg??? busy as a bee?

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