Wearable TV with the Video Coat

The Video Coat from David Forbes is the ultimate wearable display hack I came across so far. Many artists and Haute Tech designers embrace the idea of animating clothing with light effects and images.

Having worked myself in this field intensively for a couple of years I know how challenging this endeavor is, what hard work it demands to even produce a demonstrator prototype.

Light animated textiles are one of the biggest challenges in the wearable technology domain. Difficult to realize but hugely rewarding once it can be done. Creating fluid light pattern or like this design even motion pictures on a garment never ever fails the surprise, amaze people when watch the real-time transformation of the pattern on garments.

David’s Video Coat is essentially a fully functional TV set working with regular NTSC video signal. The display has a resolution of 160×120 pixel/LED, if you do the math this ends up in 19,200 LEDs!

Clusters of LED’s are mounted on strips of Flex-PCB which in turn cover the coats front, back and even include the arm parts. The screen basically wraps around the body giving to bystanders a 360 degree viewing experience.

Click over to David’s project page and check out more images and technical details.

To see the Video Coat in action, below is one of the videos David has put on his YouTube account.

The Video Coat deserves a place in the history of wearable displays by pushing the boundaries of imagination far into the future – may be not as commercial product in this form but it triggers a lot of attention and excitement of what could be possibly done.

[via: Geekologie]

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