360 vision – Hard-Wear Jacket from Paul Coudamy

Hard_Wear_Jacket.jpgHumans have an almost 180-degree forward-facing field of view where over a range of 140 degree, called of binocular view, we can perceive depth and the rest of the 180 degrees goes to peripheral recognition.

Our back (side) is usually not covered and that’s where the danger usually waits, be it in from of an accident or from people with not so well intentions against our wellbeing and belongings.

That’s where the third eye Hard-Wear Jacket from Paul Coudamy comes into view. The idea is to use one of the ever shrinking micro spy cameras and integrate it into clothing on the back. A display in the jackets sleeve allows the wearer to see what is going on behind him/her.

This rear-end use of a camera differs from the many other wearable spy-micro camera products like ties or glasses in making it even more stealthy to record unsuspecting citizen as they go along with their life.

Before being able to use this stealth camera jacket it needs to have a serious style makeover otherwise the stealth part will not work and you will be the center of attention. Spying is not the only function one would imagine, watching your back, be it in the office or on the dark streets of life might be the more practical side of this concept.

Our question again: anyone out there to pick this idea up, make it cool looking and put it up for sale?

[via: trendhunter]


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