Revealing the Secret Keeper Glove

Everyone loves secrets – who doesn’t? Having secrets is the spice of life. Revealing secrets is even more exiting than keeping one – it’s a sweet feeling to lift the lid on a secret.

So what’s all about my secret talking?

Meg Grant, freelance web developer and eTextile enthusiast explored over the past 2 years the world of soft technology, combining everyday materials, add a good portion of creativity and transform these materials to lovely, unique objects.

Out of Meg’s portfolio, the Secret Keeper Glove shines with it’s simplicity of material selection, the creativity of user interaction and the great love to details that must have gone into the creation of this secret glove.

The Secret Keeper Glove makes use of the short message recording function of electronic greeting cards. The playback circuit and the button cell battery are part of the left hand glove. Activating the playback and listen to the secret of the glove is done by pressing thumb and forefinger together.

A microphone and LED is part of the right hand glove. The connection between the two gloves is made via various embroidered contact points on both gloves, linking up the microphone and the storage/playback part. I love this gesture activation following the way how people tell and listen to secrets typically by cupping their hands together to block out unwanted listening from by-standers.

I love the gesture activation, the beautifully designed contact points on the gloves and the concealed LED – gorgeous.

You must check out the demo video below – showing how the Secret Keeper Glove receives and reveals a secret message.


Meg Grant kept the Secret Keeper Glove so secret, I didn’t come across it until Jennifer revealed the secret around the Secret Keeper Glove on our Facebook fan page. Thanks Jennifer.

Inspired by the Secret Keeper Glove from Meg I think it’s time for me to work (finally) on a shirt to talk with and make good on my blog title talk2myShirt – ops, that was supposed to be my secret.


  1. Well, I did blog about it on back in Januari and she posted the project on her website so it wasn’t that much of a secret, but I think Meg always deserves to have more attention for her work. It’s always so beautifully executed. What you don’t even see is how great the inside of her work is. True craftmanship.

  2. thanks for pointing that out – it seems I really lost a bit of connection over the past few month – how could I ever have missed that, got to do my catching up more quickly.

  3. hi Meg – it’s a beautiful and skillful design, delighted that someone directed my nose to it. I have seen more mind bending nuggets on your project site – love the DIY solar power capturing technique – need to write about that soon as well

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