Solar power for biker

eclipse_solar_biker_bag.jpgWhen talking about solar bags we usually write about Solar Totes, Solar Messenger bags, Solar Backpacks but we never looked at Solar Bike bags which actually make a lot of sense considering they are most of the time directly facing the sun or at least the bright side of life.

I would think that Solar bags specially designed to be mounted on a bike rack are very likely to be a more solar energy effective solution even more so if you enjoy long ride through the country side.

Eclipse Solar Gear offers the Nomad Solar Bike Bag which will keep your cell phone, portable GPS unit, camera and other ‘on-the-go’ small electronic device charged while away from the power grid.

The bag has an integrated flexible solar panel that provides power to (trickle) charge directly your gadgets (similar to our DIY Solar bag).

Because there is no storage battery the charging will only work as long as there is sun or at least enough light hitting the solar panel. But again, the way a bike bag is used this should be no problem for most of your rides.

If you are a fan of night rides or enjoy riding in rainy weather you are out of luck, the charging will not work. Just want to highlight this here before you run ride and get this Solar Biker bag.

Nomad_Solar_Biker_Bag.jpgThe Nomad Solar Bike Bag comes with a car cigarette lighter adapter so you need for your whatever device you want to connect a car cigarette light adapter. A bit wired as everyone and Eclipse Solar Gear assumes people have car cigarette lighter adapter in their standard gear portfolio.

This Solar Bike Bag offers quite some storage room by measuring 15″ x 11″ x 10″. A couple of pockets help to organize all the gadgets and other stuff you need for a ride.

The price is surprisingly low, available for just $129.95 directly by Eclipse Solar Gear or other online stores.

If you frequently take a ride on a bike you might want to have a closer look to this Solar bag as I think it really should do a good charging job most of the time you ride around town or back country.

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