City Pillows from Florence Bost, a living artwork for your home

Illuminated_City_Pillow.jpgFlorence Bost is the creator of a wide range of highly interesting objects made of a hybrid between fabric and new technologies transforming such ‘simple’ items like pillows into an innovative, poetic artwork.

Her lovely range of City Pillows make discrete use of light elements such as LEDs or EL-wires in combination with beautiful design to enhance the visual and sensual experience of the pillows.

Florence inspiration comes from textile materials, colors and the possibilities todays technologies offer allowing her to create the effects she wants to achieve. According to Florence, the ‘invisible’ use of technology is the ‘real’ use of it, seeing the effect but not the technology itself.

It is very important for her not to fall into the gadget / geek side of the soft technology spectrum. The right choice of technology is what gives it the validity to the product.


Florence Bost, founder of Sable Chaud, has acquired a unique expertise in the integration of new technologies. With a formal industrial design education and 15 years of creative research, she has acquired a multidisciplinary vision and solid design experience that puts her work on the cutting edge of soft technology innovation.

She works with a team of experts from diverse domains (including trends, music, electronics, scenography, editorial, etc.) to better address the many facets of contemporary design.

shape_memory_butterfly.jpgHer projects most often start at the early stages of product design. She has her fingers on the pulse of technological progress, provides idea books, and prototyping.

The Butterfly design for example uses shape-memory materials that open and close the wings by responding to temperature creating the illusion of living creatures.

The City Pillows are available via this site but as Florence Bost’s objects are artworks you need to check directly with her about the price.

Nevertheless, if you have already a cool apartment our house, a City Pillow would be the perfect finishing touch for your interior decoration.

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