Upcoming book: Switch Craft by Alison Lewis

Switch_Craft.jpg ALISON LEWIS the producer and host of SWITCH, an online blog that showcases technology as modern, crafty, fun, and fashionable is working on a book called ‘Switch Craft – Battery-Powered Crafts to Make and Sew‘ due to be on sale on October 28, 2008.

Alison has worked as an electronic textile designer at DuPont and as a strategist for the Samsung Welcome Experience. Her design work has been featured around the world at venues such as the Gwangju Design Biennial in Korea and the MIT Seamless Fashion Show, as well as on France’s Arte’ TV, CNET, and in Wired magazine. She can also be found teaching Fashion Technology at Parsons School of Design.

As an electronic crafter, Alison is the host of the technology makeover show My Home 2.0, with the goal to encourage regular folks to embrace technology and incorporate it into their everyday lives. An electronic craft can be as simple as adding tiny LED’s to an existing piece of clothing to give it flair, or it can be as complex as sewing iPod speakers in to a beach bag so you can enjoy your music in the sun.

As Alison states on her page by momspace.com: ‘Today, crafters are pushing the boundaries more than ever with electronics as prices of materials fall, and how-to recipes flow freely on the Internet.’

Switch Craft promises to be a highly interesting reading and a source of inspiration especially for wearable electronic crafters and DIY enthusiasts. Pre-order your copy of Switch Craft for example by Amazon or many other online book stores.

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