Jezign Illuminated Sneaker

Illuminated_Basketball_shoe.jpgWe got covered sneakers with light up sole a couple of times but most of them are in the development stage or concept phase.

Somehow it slipped our attention that such Illuminated sneakers are out in the wild since last year, made by Jezign a innovative footwear company located in the Washington D.C. area.

Started by Jez Marston a young entrepreneur and founder of Jezign, the first launch was the ‘Night Eagle‘ Basketball sneaker. A cool design that rocks. Based on the first success in selling the Night Eagle, Jezign launched their second model called the ‘Bubble Cloud‘ line in Summer 2007.

The Bubble Cloud features a sole that completely illuminates at the push of a button. The magical light source, which is based on Jezign’s patented technology, is powered from a replaceable battery stored in the shoes tongue.

Jezign used top grade glove leather as basis material for their sneakers to give them maximum flexibility and wearing comfort. A nice touch for a innovative sneaker.

The obvious reason for having light in the shoe sole is safety but I think in the case of the Jezign design with it’s cool look and translucent effect which also highlights the Jezign brand name on the sole it’s definitely for the cool guys out on the street and dance floor.


The Bubble Cloud goes for a very reasonable $ 149.99 available in the color schemes White and White/Royal by

Sorry girls, no model available yet for you but this might change soon. We will watch out and report back when Jezign is extending their line of Illuminated Sneakers.


  1. These shoes are dope. I have 2 pairs. No other shoe I have ever bought in my life has gotten me as many compliments as these. Real talk!

  2. I am writing to you all because I would like to know, where and how this basketball team was able to utilize my name as “Team Jezign” for basketball tennis shoes?

    I would like someone to contact me, thank you.

    Jacquelyne Cherry


    2355 Benson Ridge

    Lithonia, GA 30058

    (404) 587-0355

  3. ..located Macungie Pa (near Allentown Pa) interested in applying the light up concept to women’s walking/running shoes and include wide widths
    also for adult tap shoes– there may be a market for both items in the performing groups for bands, tap troupes, etc Market may be small at first, potential for growth pending exposure. Have ideas, willing to share in exchange for items for the adult group..

  4. How/Where do I get those brown/black one with the green lights that are displayed in the picture? I haven’t been able to find where to order with green lights online (Jezign website on has with blue). Any help is appreciated. Contact me at

  5. These shoes look real tight. But the left one broke on mine twice. I sent it in and got them back yesterday and they broke again this morning. Any ideas why or how to fix it? Or should i just get my money back?

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