Canine couture, the Fiber-Optic Doggy Coat

dog_couture.jpgBy reading our blog you most likely got your interactive fashion outfit but what about your beloved dog? You don’t want to let him run around with the dull doggy fashion from yesterday.

Fortunately on of the most well known persons in wearable electronic design, Alison Lewis comes up with a bright solution: the Fiber-Optic Doggy Coat.

Alison Lewis is SWITCH Producer, Creative Director and co-Host of SWITCH, an online DIY show where she focuses on teaching young women about electronics through fashion and design. She is also working on a new book ‘Switch Craft‘ due to be launched in autumn this year.

Lewis demonstrates on the home-tech makeover TV show ‘My Home 2.0‘ how you can make a cute 21st Century fashion outfit for your dog.

The doggy coat shown in this video is a special creation for for Cali Lewis, host of

How 2.0: Fiber-Optic Doggy Coat from My Home 2.0 DIY on Vimeo.

The Fiber-Optic Doggy Coat is a fun project that can light up your doggy as well or you use the same idea and get an upgrade for your jeans or jackets.


  1. Thanks for linking to the show. I love this site and link to it all the time as well. I wanted to let everyone know that the fiber-optics for the coat were supplied by and they do custom work if your interested.

  2. Hi Alison,
    like the creative use of ‘electrifying’ fabrics and I’m always on the hunt for unique ideas :-)
    Thanks for the tip on material supply, JFMagic is kind of well known for their use of optical fibers.

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