Book review: Fashionable Technology

Fashionable_Technology_2.jpgIt took some time to finally sit down to give you the view of talk2myShirt on the latest and greatest book about wearable electronic: Sabine Seymour‘s ‘Fashionable Technology: The Intersection of Design, Fashion, Science and Technology’.

It’s a page turner and extensive resource for inspiration in the field of technology meets fashion – or the other way around.

Fashionable Technology stands clearly out from the many other books about wearable electronic by presenting in short but sharp introduction designs from all the big and famous creative people in the wearable technology field.

But this is not all this book is covering: an expansive list of resources spanning materials, technologies, companies, institutes and organizations that are active in wearable technologies. This overview makes this book a powerful tool to start research on wearable technologies and interactive fashion.

This long and comprehensive list of resources offers an up-to-date view of the technologies, the market and the future perspective of Fashionable Technologies.

The glossary includes also a list of blogs and websites as well as an overview of events relevant to wearable technologies.

A resourceful, informative and easy to read collection of wearable electronic information making Fashionable Technologya page turner and highly inspirational treasure chest for future fashion designer.

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