Music for your dreams – Stereo Sound Pillow

Sound_Pillow.jpgAlmost every other week a new sound pillow is hitting the stores. I am not sure if they are getting sold like hot cakes but it seems companies see a business opportunity in them.

The latest sound pillow comes from Sensorcom which is not the ‘typical’ pillow maker but a specialist in communication accessories such as high quality headphones.

Merging their expertise in high quality small speakers with a product everyone is using every day – a pillow – looks like a logical addition to their product line.

Two version are available: the Sleep Sound Stereo Pillow Insert to upgrade an existing pillow and the Sound Oasis Sleep Therapy Pillow which is the complete sound pillow solution. Pillows are very personal and if you do have your preferred brand you might better go for the upgrade kit.

Both versions include two ultra-thin high fidelity speakers positioned deep within the pillow for maximum comfort. A 3.5mm (1/8″) standard stereo mini-plug fits almost any portable device like MP3 player, CD-player, pocket radio.

One obvious reason for getting a pillow with integrated speaker is making a sleep therapy. Sure, there are other ways to get your therapeutic sound but with speakers integrated into the pillow it’s a soft and comfortable sound treatment.

I do not own a sound pillow (yet) but was curious to experience sound coming out of my pillow. I simulated the effect by putting a pocket radio with external speaker inside one of my nap pillows. My experience: it’s kind of ‘sweet’ having soft, soothing sound coming out of the innards of the pillow. I would not listen to my high energy sound tracks in this way but for dozing off with relaxing tunes – yes.

Whatever your motivation could be to consider buying one of the sound pillows, be it your curiosity or the fact you need your special ‘fall asleep’ sound, you can order the Sleep Sound Stereo Pillow Insert for $69.95 or the Sound Oasis Sleep Therapy Pillow for $59.95

[via: Cool Hunting]


  1. Thanks for such an informative post about snoring. My father is suffering from the same problem since last 10 years. i can’t sleep at night due to snore of my father. please help me.

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