Mind blowing – eardrum bursting Speaker Vest

The world of fashion design always welcomes the irrational, the provocative side of creativity unlike technology which loves to be strict, definable and playing along the rules and laws.

Where does this leaves us when we talk about wearable, fashionable technology? Maybe something like the Speaker Vest with 8″ Sub-woofer created by Joe Andolina a Software engineer by day, artist by night – according to his own words.

His mind blowing, eardrum scattering speaker vest design features a set of two amplified motorcycle speakers just off the shoulders. A low-profile 8″ sub-woofer not only give off the deepest sound waves but doubles as back massage during the really low notes of your favorite song.

All that sound power needs some electrical power which is provided the a specially designed power belt containing 10 rechargeable cells.

Best of all – Joe is offering this one-off Speaker Vest via his Etsy store for US$ 900.- Not too bad for a one-of-a-kind Haute Couture garment.

You think this is over-the-top? Think again – how about people having their car trunk full of audio amplifier and sub-woofer – driving around with their eardrum scattering vehicles?

[via: Technabob]

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