Cellphone charging on the go

Getting an unlimited stream of power for smart pocket devices while on the go is on top of the wish-list of billions, regardless where one lives, in the urban jungle or in the forest jungle.

Wearable power, how to make good electrical use of all the kinetic energy people generate as by-product while going, running and jumping around all day is the focus point of research and experimentation.

Joining this growing line of people to crack the mobile power challenge is Argentine designer Soledad Martin who envisions a nano-generator system in form of small bot attached to any kind of sports shoe.

The nano-generator uses the (kinetic) energy produced by the foot’s movement, converts this kinetic energy into electrical energy and stores it in a small battery, ready for charging cellphones or any USB connector ready device while your feet are resting.

The bot contains the kinetic transformer, battery and USB socket and is attached via interchangeable straps with snap buttons to the shoe. Different styles of this straps makes it possible for the power bot strap to blend into the shoes design.

A very smart idea, simple and I might say even practical to realize. Check out the complete set of photos on Design Buzz


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