Another Sensible Father’s Day gift – WiFi detecting T-Shirt

wifi_t_shirt_blue.gifWe have another suggestion for a sensible Father’s Day gift: a WiFi detecting T-Shirt for the fun loving, cool, techie Dad.

Flashwear keeps on extending their animated T-Shirts and offers now many different styles of their WiFi detecting T-Shirt collection ensuring there will be one style that suits you.

These Tee’s are the perfect little gizmo when it comes to find a WiFi signal. Checking for a WiFi signal with a T-Shirt makes more fun than switching on your notebook or WiFi signal sniffer.

You can also show your social responsibility the all other net-citizen around you which will appreciate your signal broadcast on your chest.

The Tee displays the strength of 802.11b & 802.11g signals. The electronic part is integrated into a small battery pack which holds also the 3x AAA batteries required to light up your chest/T-Shirt. The decal is removable to allow the cleaning of the Tee.

Flashwear sells the WiFi detector T-Shirts for $ 47.48 directly via their online store.

Get your Dad something sensible this year. Believe me, he has already enough socks and ties 😉



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