Reporting back to duty on talk2myShirt

Reporting back to duty on talk2myShirt after some forced out-time on my side. I missed the daily blogging, hunting down the latest and greatest inventions but most of all, staying in touch with the community.

But the dark ages are over and I am happy to be back into the sunny side of wearable technology. Much work has do be done, a lot of creativity was flowing over these past few month and I ma now in a catch-up mode.

To celebrate my home-coming I have made some slight changes on the blog layout, ‘modernized’ a bit and cleaned up some dusty stuff. Any other feature you would like – please shoot them via the comments.

The most important update on the blog is the addition of the eTextile Lounge page which helps you to connect each week eerily to the fabulous online-live video/audio textile meet-up on uStream.

In case you don’t know yet – eTextile Lounge is a weekly show founded and moderated by Lynne Bruning with the aim to connect wearable technology enthusiasts around the globe to share experiences, talk about know-how resources and to introduce the latest innovations and projects.

Click over to the eTextile Lounge page (the link is also at the top navigation area) and check out what  happened in the past and join one of the future shows.

To bridge the time between each show I will make sure you get your daily portion of eTextile news right here on talk2myShirt.

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