Interview with Rachel Bagley on Wearable Electronic and Fashion

Haute_Tech_Rachel_Bagley.jpgWe have introduced to our reader last week the remarkable work of Rachel Bagley, a final year fashion student at South East Essex College (UK). Today we would like to share with you the interview we had with Rachel which is full of highly interesting views from her about the combination of Wearable Electronic and Fashion.

Hi Rachel, let me start by asking: what is your motivation to combine technology and fashion?

I am passionate about technology and feel it enhances our everyday life. Combining technology with the clothing we wear everyday allows us to transform an aesthetic garment into a functional piece of clothing that does more than look stylish or chic.

I am also passionate about ethical fashion which has a stigma of not being stylish and I want to change this by showing modern clothing can be eco friendly and tech savvy.

Very interesting view to use wearable technologies and enhance the ethical and sustainable fashion trend. So, what do you as fashion designer think wearable technologies should provide?

I would love wearable technologies to be fully integrated into designs /clothing, but I also see the benefits of having semi integrated modules that could be taken from one design to another.

This would mean the wearer would only have to buy one module and use it on many designs. This to me would be the most sustainable from an ethical perspective.

As a fashion designer do you think wearable technologies allow a higher degree on design flexibility?

Wearable technologies allows innovation and to enhance fashion. It also allows clothing to have dual purpose of covering the body and providing additional functions such as renewable energy. Without new technology I feel fashion would not develop and evolve to meet our modern needs.

How do you see the future of wearable electronic / interactive fashion?

I see the future of wearable electronics to move from the sportswear and health sector into the high fashion / everyday clothing. The functions of wearable electronics don’t have to be just scientific or for performance wear.

I would love to see office workers using wearable electronics to help enhance their working day or children using wearable electronics to learn more about the world through movement, sight and touch in addition to reading books.

In specific to fashion design I see that technology and wearable electronics can enhance traditional fashion designs allowing the designer to to create garments that reflect the needs of the current trends i.e if people wouldn’t listen to music via iPods, I wouldn’t have considered using touch pad buttons that control iPods in my clothing.

Thank you very much for sharing with us your views and expectation of wearable electronic and fashion.

Rachel ‘disclosed’ to us that she is “… extremely influenced by Hussein Chalayan and believe his creations push the boundaries of fashion and Haute Tech! I hope to one day develop fashion to any where near as innovative as his.

We have absolutely no doubt that Rachel will reach her goal. Her first Haute Tech models, her insights into technology, fashion and social trends show she has all the skills needed to reach and surpass here goal easily.

It is not a matter of if but of when we will hear and see again from Rachel’s next Haute Tech collection.


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